in #funny3 years ago

What I really want to do when I invite my wife for a romantic bath together

Gif from giphy


Lol, you are right, after my wife’s such antics I also have such desires, haha

doens't take much for you to want to murder someone does it?

Drowning in bath sex, kinky. Going to have to try this one :D

won't even have to wipe your prints off afterwards

Surely you want to have sex in bathtub

nah, my wife shits in the bath all the time

Lol 😂 traf are you trying test your execution skills or you want give her a water baptism practice??

hmm probably sexecution skills

Hmm. That sounds interesting 😎

Then my wife lol :D


Why? She is beautiful :D

very unique, I think that beautiful face looks like my wife

Am I the only one that finds it sexy that she doesn't struggle?

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