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When my dad caught me eating during fasting time in Ramadan.


ya, I mean judging by the size of him, what's he suppose to eat at Ramadan if you finish all the food?


Thanks for you....


everyday should be Ramadan for you. Iraqi parents, never strict enough.


I agree with you. We should follow Ramadan rules.


Same to you


Yeah man 100% true

An actual account of me trying to get out of bed after a few too many whiskey gingers on saturday night.

Life is difficult

I think your wife misleads you by telling all these kids are yours lol :D

Anyway, I told my wife to keep them away from me in weekends, but sometimes they purposely wake me up too!



hmm I always knew it was a little weird to have 3 black children


noooooo, it hurt to me too, I'm having a chat with my wifey

Makes you wonder why you ever had kids when they are most likely to grow up in to idiots like these two!


to be fair, that worked out worse than what you'd expect, at least for the guy on the right

Parenting 101 Traf

With a little better technique your nose flip could turn into a perfect landing


gotta teach them how to sit up straight

He's just teaching the pig how to fly in preparation for the upcoming SMT rollout and mooning of the Steem price.


These days, I'll be happy if we got as much progress as last year and saw a new logo


At least dark mode was added too. It's like choosing the dark side of the force

Lol, when this happens early in the morning on the day off, the reflexes act instantly, so cute children, let the parents sleep, ha ha ha


that's also me when kids come knocking on my door on halloween

gentlebot piggy?


Thanks for you....


@gentlebot very helpful man

Really funny. Thanks @traf


Yes sir really very funny

You are amazing man,
Your daily funny content it's really enjoyable for me. I waiting for your post.


Yeah amazing

It is true how many parents will feel identified with this gif, great for the occasion


Yeah funny gif


When you skip the line at the supermarket and the cashier is like: "No."

When sudden wake of rock is not expected

ha ha funny sir,


Hehehe,,, very nice funny,
I like it all funny
Thanks for sharing.

Photo3217.jpg gentlebot piggy!

Hahaha,,, wonderfulfunny..
I like it this meme

Hahaha,,, Amazing funny
I appreciate your meme..

and next Sunday he will wake you like that;

be careful for punch


just let him go

JAJAJA a flying pig that funny

That moment when a father realize that this product was from someone else sperm : )

So funny
Thanks for sharing...


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savage dady will be savage !

Forget places OTHER than your ears

10 Reasons Why Your Mom is the Best Friend You've Always Had

They disowned me.

I haven't even brushed my teeth and I think I might only have one contact lens in, but I need to make lunch, and fast. My daughter is also a picky eater

giphy (59).gif
Two guys making fun.

Morning classes can lessen this pain and make it easier to find parking spots since basically no one is up before noon.

You wake up EXTREMELY CONFUSED as to why you are in your dorm room and why there is an alarm waking you up hours before noon - and you remember that being

You might find it difficult to get out of bed at all. This sort of fatigue only adds to your anxiety about all the work you need to get done in a ..

I leave breakfast out on the counter each night so that my kid can grab it for herself when she comes downstairs, saving me

And then, just like clockwork, it's a new day…but it's the same shit. It's like Groundhog Day up in here.

The urge to drift off into a deep slumber is so strong. The only way to fully wake me up is to jolt me suddenly.

giphy (55).gif
Funny cat showing its tail..
Its look like a broom............

When my wife did not notice, and we all had to wake up at 7 am :)

My kids asking for an afternoon snack.

My "pretty good idea" was that I - by myself, alone - would be the one at the signup table so I could meet everyone who was interested myself.
download (2).gif

Has anyone disown immediate family member and they end up passing away?

No one in my house is doing dishes except for me, which can feel overwhelming at times. There's no one to help with daily chores when you're single so

Very nice funny.
I appreciate your meme.

Netflix and Chill

Someone broke that dog

Look, don't be mad, I even made you a cake! And by 'made you a cake' I mean typed in 'Happy Blogiversary' into google search and copied the first picture

Mother disowned me because of Islam, but hey, whatever happens, happens.

264 best Gifs images on Pinterest

This turtle is doing a happy dance. I have no clue if there are turtles where we'll be, but I like to think that there might be a chance that the answer .

acrobatic piglets!

That's why you can't forget mother's day!

They never wake up on time on a school day, but Saturday and Sunday morning they are jumping on me.


You can guess who put them up to this.

Lucky 7 piggy.

Lol. In such cases, I always close the room with a key, and my wife must suffer alone :))

All of us start screaming. In reflex action, I forget my cousins and rush for my dear life (Hey, don't judge. It was a do or die situation).