Dirty Bathroom Floor

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When your girlfriend keeps complaining about you pissing outside the bowl so you hired a coach to try to improve your aim

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Be aware of these coaches. I tried one and I ended up getting screwed.


then you got your money's worth


Thanks for you...


Thanks a lot dear. ..Just loollll😂😂😂😂


Great @traf......

How is the progress Traffy?

I hope the coach teach you well



its not gay if our dicks don't touch


Hahahahaha hahahahah

She should be grateful you aren't pissing the bed Traffy!


well i do get carried away with dutch ovens
lets just say they're as often liquid as they are gases

Haha just get her one of these, then it should make up for it



the other button gets it to come all the way to the lounge room in case you're in the middle of an important game


damn i need one noww


Someone would still find a way to pee on that button making it gross to lift the seat up and down either way.

Women never seem to be over training us to do something. It's not that I don't know how to pee in the toilet, it's that I'm so drunk after coming home from the strip club the entire bathroom is spinning. Women will never learn. What's next? Train me to change our baby's diaper and give her a bottle? It's always something.


speak for yourself
i piss on my balls half the time and it just goes everywhere

I'm using a long plastic straw to make sure the aim is 100% accuracy. hahaha!

Amazing funny.
I like this funny.
I appreciate your funny post.




Thank you my dear friend @gentelbot


How many times do I have to remind you... it is spelled genital bot and you can't just call it like a dog.


This great funny, and I love meme.
best of luck my dear friend.....


Right sir


That’s the perfect coach for the job, you would be surprised how fast you can learn!


iv had these days haha

When coach left for a break.


My coach show me the right position....

Lol, you are still lucky, after the claims of my wife, I had to hire two coaches and I assure you, I became a true master of the urinate, ha ha ha



This problem was raised even in his game GTA



your post to see the mind rolls inventory so beautiful I think can't

Very nice funny
I like it meme😃😃

that's great funny.

haha its tru, you guys @traf boss of meme funny post

Be careful of these coaches. I tried one and I ended up getting screwed.


wtf xd

Lol. Yes, I hired a coach, but he was even worse than me.

Hehehe very nice funny
I like it meme😃😃😃


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I think I need more than a coach.

It's very hard to reach the target for me.

Ha Ha Hareceived_213813065875548.gif

Nice content..

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hahaha.....very funny meme.

Training your cat to use the toilet.




amazing backflip

Reverse Cowgirl

  1. For some, sitting like this is an ordinary activity.

thx imma hold mine now

As ever, the faces say it all. Alan feels light as a feather, whereas Gumball looks like he'll never be the same again.

Toilet Paper Dance

This next scene is one of those bad choices moments. He finds his sometimes girlfriend/drug dealer on her bathroom floor. She overdosed. Does he call 911?

Cleaning Dirty Mind GIF


dirty thinking u have boys

when your potty stuck inside and you apply some drago moves to take out the shits. But so sad nothing worked at all maybe your wife used super glue there LOl

Very funny meme

That Awkward Moment' Toilet Scene..

No more toilet paper

Awkward Toilets Situations

Dirty public toilet in suburb of Beijing

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Hahahahaahahaahahaah.... that's great funny post.you great @traf

The wrong grip. This surprisenya hhh



Amazing funny..I love your funny post.many many thanks........

Just lol one...Keep it up...


james bond1k

The epitome of putting from the rough. Ironically, keep any balls away from the hole.

dirty apartment


mhm that will get yo floors clean

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whats that video called lmao

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