Dating An Asian Guy

in funny •  5 months ago

When she's dating an Asian guy for the first time and is learning to please him

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Dating with an Asian guy is a mess for a Black Lady!
Chopstick, Noodles and in the late night, she will get his Tooth pick lol :D



I wonder how long I have to date a black girl to be able to use the N word


Thanks for you....


Depends how well you can take a punch

Haha lmao, I wonder who this girl is practicing for.



I think she's dating 5 asian guys at once


It's certain that she doesn't practise for asian boy, it can be sometging black.


Damn right.

We pledge to feed as many mouths as possible.

You guys make up for that though


japanese blow up dolls have come a long way


Few more adjustments and it will equate to a horrible actress.


this one will swallow up all Asian dciks on steem combined.

The opening is still too large.


i'm talking about her mouth dude
not her nostrils you racist


Exactly. Her mouth. It is still too wide.

and you also have to learn how to use a chopstick.

You may need them wee hours of the night;


ok that rules out a titty wank

Lesbians also have to get used to Asian girls. You know, because of their sideways vaginas.



which way are they meant to go?

very funny😂😂


Yeah very funny .@gentlebot

Hahahaha.amazing funny post.
I like it
Thanks for sharing this funny


Really Very funny post @sharminkona


Thanks for you....


Most Welcome:-)

I think she managed to make him happy...

It is good to establish an Asian country as a peaceful country

Wow... that's a great funny, I appreciate your post. Personally I love meme.
Thanks for sharing this post.

While girl dating an asian man

Dear @traf

Some photo are edit for you
I think you like it



Your Best Regard @traf

Funny. But seriously, there are always barriers to surmount when you're dating someone from a different ethnic nationality.

When you live in a country like mine with close to 300 ethnic groups, you understand this concept in it's totality.

Nice funny post.. thanks for shearing.......

Ha ha ha I love this funny, keep it up my friend..

Very nice funny😃😃😃😃😃
I appreciate your funny Post @traf

haha it is too funny

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would be hard for her to compete with my hand as it has 8 years of experience

I hope girls who love ice-cream most can please an Asian guy easily by tasting chocolate or vanila flavor X:D

i think Only an asian girl understand an an asian boy properly : )
@traf I hope your wife understood you too and always give you pleasure being an asian :)

nah ! no asian boy allowed to me, Only African Black is real

ahhh need a pure asian like @traf

Hahahahahahaha very funny and amazing post.

very funny gif amazing and post always appreciate about your meme.
thanys for your funny post.

That guy left his car in front of our house on the sidewalk. I took the photo. What should I do next?20180505_105231.jpg


Set it on fire.

You are welcome.


Are you a demigod?

Anyway the cars going in flames. City workers are not towing it away so I'm trashing it. All cars go to hell anyway. And gentle is feeling real gentle today. Congratulations.


lol thanks :D


@gentlebot you really great man