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in funny •  11 months ago

Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

After fucking them both, I'd say it was the chicken

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creative way to make scrambled eggs

False, it's the matter creating either that came first! 😂


Chicken. Eggs don't evolve. Easy As Pie

I got it. You mean "the chicken came first to fuck !" LOL


Actually the Roaster came first ;) LoL


was this joke really so cryptic?


Not that much. i think steemians tend to answer challenging questions without notice the joke!


No, I got it. There should be a font similar to Italic that would be an indicator that the sentence is humorous and may contain double entendre, sarcasm, fascetiousness, euphemism, or puns to elicit the said humor. Then those that take everything literally could just skip over the post.


I also say why say she fuck?

Yee but it's really the egg tho

Damn I love chicken but I always have been in favor of egg!


nice blog @traf 😂🐓🐣

Follow and vote ba

loooool the egg

"Chicken came first"

Hahaha confusing, first chicken

i think the first is chicken..
you @traf ?


lol my post was literally 2 lines long where I revealed the answer
I don't know if I can make content short enough to please everyone


i think you will choice same as me @traf

Egg is the best,,,ahahaha

i ate both ....lets see which come out first ...Lols

Pics or it didn't..ah nevermind.

i know first is chicken then egg am i right @traf

Vagina came first

at the same time?

There were eggs before chickens, like dinosaur eggs for example.

Were the eggs over easy, medium or hard?

Has anyone ever considered asking a chicken this question!?