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When you've been posing for ages but they're taking forever to take the picture for some reason

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Haha once it happened to Rose (at Titanic) and the moment she saw her picture lol :D

Traffy, now it's just a memory nothing else like I had a great history lol :D



ya, it's like the person on the tinder profile pic vs the person who shows up on the date

The most ironic is that the photographer says "Smile" and you as a fool you go and do it, in your mind you think you will come out well but actually your face looks ugly XD


ya, esp if it's a mugshot

Quietly waiting on the sidelines to buy the dip


if by dip you mean everything going down the toilet, then yes

The chicks are insulted that the photographer regurgitated some old fashioned line like "smile for the birdie"!!!


they're about to flip you the bird

First DB and now you? Things are getting cheesy around here.



she just steals my ideas before i come up with them

The last frame of the Korean soldier. Now this memory is only for the soldier's parents.


worth it


Waiting for a while to take picture..

She have been posing for the ages..

When photographer takes too long taking the picture

When you finally heard from the photographer "Cheese ......."


charismatic camel

I wish I knew your model’s recipe how to stay still. Mine wasn’t patient that much after just a few seconds.

That's moment whrn the dog saw his girlfriend picture... LOL

That's moment When his 1st shoot in camera ... LOL

The cat do everything

@traf What name of this bird... Very beautiful.. Name pls..

Even the dog understands that the word "Chiiiz ......" is better smiled at once than standing for an eternity in front of the photographer :)

You're right @traf , sometimes you have to wait for an eternity, it's so that you fall asleep. Ha ha.

Lol, she waits soo long.. :)

This reminds me of when we used to call it "Freeze", and would literally pause till we hear "done"

@traf The story of my life :D

56New Funny Gif.gif. Technology.. DVD PLAYER CONNECTED MAN..

They remind me of my children when my mistress tried to take a picture of them and everything was an eternity to shoot. Great
I wish you a great day dear friend @traf

hahah and you have to keep smiling lol