Charging Up

in funny •  6 months ago

When your pokemon is charging up to unleash a powerful water elemental attack

Gif from giphy

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While you bendering water, you see Ying and Yang is floating behind your penis!



every hole's a goal i guess

When you send him to charge the solar beam and takes all eternity to attack and also end up defeating before using


pew pew
it's like goku's spirit bomb

Lol. So that after leaving the bath he could massage me, I also charge it at full capacity


he's shredding that hot air


Do not forget to turn on the water, otherwise the pokemon may burn out.


this pokemon is trying to flee!

I'd like to throw a Pikachu in there and see what happens


it'll likely be Super Effective!

i know that ear twitch means something


means his ear is twitching


doh...i'd have never thought of that lol

LoL traf, my pokemon is always ready for this task :D

Lol, when electricity is turned off in the house, I always use these devices, haha

Hahahahahaha,very hilarious...... Poor little thing . upvoted already lol @traf

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