Can't Trust Her

in funny •  5 months ago

When your girlfriend says you can trust her but as soon as you take her out she's signalling the word 'Help' in Morse code

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She is really stuck she asks for help ...


gotta pass wind during winking sometimes

Trust is such a difficult thing in a relationship. Best to keep love in the basement tied to something immovable.


ya, although sometimes she cheats on me with the radiator


Damn that was genius. Was the radiator on or off?

I'm guessing she must have gotten ahold of one of those Get out of jail, free cards in order for you to take her out. Damn Hillary..



no idea where she got her get out of basement free card either

Good thing most people wouldn't recognize Morse code. Hell, if someone shouted "help!" In sign language I would probably think they were calling me an asshole.

Gif from Giphy


I thought that was 'I'm full and I really need to go take a dump'

I think she wants to say something different.


learning to play the flute i think


Ha ha ha

Lol. As soon as a friend starts signaling the word "Help" in the Morse code, there are immediately those who want to answer her.


ya it's how we met in the first place

When your hammer of thor left a mark in the morning and you telling her to expect another round at night.
... .... ... ..... . .. ..... ... ...... .. ......

Help, anybody there, he's a maniac

hint hint hint

Lol. I think your girlfriend can be trusted. Just she has a nervous tic, from the first guy.

I would like to trust her, but she starts to wink at everyone, considering herself very sexy. Ha ha.

Lol. When she confessed that she was mowing for two eyes, I definitely trusted her.

Sorry, did i asked u to go out w me?

ha ha ha......speed is low

gf bf hahaha