Can't Jinx It Any More...Right??

in funny •  6 months ago

Whenever Steem price thinks it's found some support

I think that's EOS at the back there

gif from giphy

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Sheep in EOS mode..


that's what I call a ram up the ass


Thanks for you..


hahaha lol fantastic

It's not EOS, it's you Traffy!
Personally I don't believe on EOS, STEEM has the potential to compete against EOS, but the jinx is your prediction lol :D
Anyway Traffy, HODL! You know what's extract meaning of HODL and you are one of the strongest hand on STEEM blockchain - I mean you are one of few person who can bare when you loss few millions of $$$ in a single night!



haha ok I won't comment on the price of steem for a month
let's see if that improves things ^_^


Thanks for you sir..

Haha, down in front



hmm wonder what he needed the popcorn and coke


hahaha that's a great funny

You have to hope for the best, but always prepare for the worst. Even if you think the base is solid.


that's just so they can follow the crumbs on their way back and not get lost


Very beautiful funny..

Always expect unexpected! Even if you are convinced Steem’s support is unbreakable. It going to take you down eventually. Only strongest and least stupidest will survive.


it's a fucking avalanche here!


lol i am stupid dont know what will happen


hahaha lol funny..

Or Dan's plan on EOS launch day after playing nice all along after he gave up on the Steem blockchain.


ya, gotta watch out for that guy's next project!
serial backstabber

So emotional!!!!!


So emotional!!!!


yess this is true thanks





Thanks for you


Thanks you very much @gentlebot


Most welcome sir


Yeah lmao


Most welcome sir..


Thanks for you to sir.


Most welcome to sir....


Thanks for you sir.. and most welcome..


Thanks sir

And then it goes crashing down again.
Hey man, are you on discord?


Lol, the Steem has a large arsenal for an answer and when the EOS strikes in the back to block the Steem and us oxygen, the answer will be spectacular

Hahaha,,, Amazing funny... I appreciate your meme

Hahhahhhh what a fuck......who does that?

That's a great funny @traf..

Hahahah😂. Where do you get these gifs from @traf. This is so hilarious. I can't stop laughing

Hahahaha. Hilarious.
Trust me steem will make it's way up there.

When Steam Price supports us. In the meantime, we do not keep anyone's time counting. hehe :)

ah miserable steem, it was a trap..

You're going the wrong way, please go to the moon not to back of beyond.


Very beautiful funny

Lol that's funny and painful at the same time

hahhahah!!!!!So funny!!!!!
that's awesome sharing!!!!

I smile at my stomach to laugh.Sir you are always funny post.You are realy funny man.@traf sir @traf your are genius man

I always knew EOS was a dick. Bitcoin silent by the side watching.
No worries though, hey EOS thanks for the push. We moving forward

Sir, @Traf. EOS is really ready, it's you steem will make it's way up there!! Lol, .Sir, @Traf. I wanna join with you sir,hehehe. your meme so funny,Do you get so ridiculous things right?


That's a fantastic funny..

#EOS is really ready to kick the ash of steem.
I hope steem won't be murdered by June

Sounds like someone needs to give John McAfee a handjob so maybe he could give Steem a shout-out to boost interest.

EOS kicks it right back at it. Hahahahaha


Hahahaha. Right in the butts

lol steem has become soft target!

Fantastic outside

That seems like a good Messi kick, very funny

He be like '' Get your ass here bitch"

although steem prices continue to be kicked but I'm sure will rise.
Thanks @traf

Eos not only lurking around the corner but starting to throw heavy heavy punches!

WOW that's a great funny sir.i like you post
Thank you.

Wow this is nice.