Broken Down Sleigh?

in funny •  6 months ago

I believe I've found footage of Santa with his hazard lights on

Gif from giphy

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Don't worry, he will be here as usual :D

Traffy, now we are in 21st century dude :D



yeah well just wait til it rains


boston dynamics :>


Those guys are real-life Skynet. Didn't think Terminator was a documentary


I have an intense desire to kick one of them

Edit: *all of them

The reaction of my ears when I hear "the weekend is over soon"


the weekend?
my life is over soon at these steem prices

you can guide a plane with this


saw it in die hard 2
didn't work out well

Is this why I don't get gifts anymore?


nah you're just naughty


Nah you're just a shitty kid to your parents

It must really suck being an animal that can't scratch any part of their body. It's like having a cast on your arm and it is all itchy.

Speaking of Santa. I find it interesting that he lives in the north, being that it appears that he is a slaveowner. You're racist if you don't see that elves are people and they are forced to work for Mr. and Mrs. Claus in harsh conditions for no pay.


i think not being able to jerk off would suck even more

This was really clever. Would you rather have Steem Power or Coal for Christmas?


at these steem prices? that a trick question?

That's really funny😅

Here in my country and santa turned on the lights for our economy is a nightmare

Christmas in July.

If only it was December 2017 instead.

giphy (1).gif

Dope car, which model?

Lol, when the sleigh of Santa Claus broke, I lent him a motorcycle, most importantly, do not be late for the holiday, hahaha

traf, sometimes the sledge breaks, especially if Santa forgot the way, LoL

Lol. When the deer refused to take Santa to the store for wine, they fought and broke the safety lights.

Hahaha amazing funny 😂 y

This morning after Christmas, when there is no sleigh, there is no Santa. The holiday turns out. Ha ha.


what the actual ...

''Sorry, I didnt hear you, you said something bout homework, what's the meaning again? ''
Haha my ears