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in funny •  11 months ago

I've often been criticized for breaking up with my ex via a text message

Well I suppose skywriting is technically a text message

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Life of a whale


hahaha good one :)

Don't use chemtrails and I won't criticize you.

What to do with this life

ive done also like that...coz its easy to break via text than in person....hehehe


haha ya exactly

So your ex forwarded that to all your critics :), write a mail to patch up.


that's a long skywriting message

Life is unfair

Well,doesn't matter if it's via text, via phone call or something else as long as it is breaking up 😂

I prefer the Jumbo Tron video screen at the Super Bowl, complete with body shaming naked pictures. How dare she call me a vindictive psycho!


problem is you can't break up with your mother :p


In addition to marrying her daughter, this lady had also previously married her son, and the courts annulled that marriage.

life of a genious:))

What to do with this life ?

How much does it cost to write "To whom it may concern, the keys are in a secret compartment in the bedpost. Get out of my basement."

Lol. It sure is!. People could do it across webcams! lolz