Black Friday Sale?

in funny •  5 months ago

When you discover there's a sudden oversupply and steroids are now half price

Gif from giphy

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Just after I saw this gif anime, I stop going to that f##king sale :D

Traffy, beware over supply can be low in quality as well! Like thousands of ICOs made crypto market in worse case lol :D



dude, they certainly don't make your balls bigger
shrink them into the size of peas


why is the breast growing?

Come on , harry up wife the goods will be exhausted..


ah another russian athlete


wrestling = fake

Haha break out the oversized syringes



damn, at that angle they can go through your balls


giant syringes in body size


Always knew those skills seemed a little unnatural

Attention K-Mart shoppers! Blue light special on aisle 4! :)


makes it harder to find a vein but boy is it worth it with these prices

Too bad steroids won't increase the size of the love muscle. 🍆


they don't? i guess that'll be the excuse i'm going with from now on

Yes, I do not believe in sales, the last time I bought a fake, still does not look like myself. haha.


if he's so strong why's he stuck behind that puny fence eh?


dont mess with this guy

When two dudes realize they banged the same chick from the other side.

Black Friday costumers need all they can get.


Is that Rocky and Apollo.............I think they heard the rumors of the coming bull market :-)

Lol. I will not hurry, it will still be on sale to me. At one glance at me, people are ready to give the last. Ha ha.

It's like a Vaseline truck spilled over on the freeway. Get a room you two.

Lol, i do not know how others, but my girlfriend always uses a black Friday for the purchase of steroids, hahaha

are you sure they went for steroids sale? feel like end of threesome pornology.. :)

Sale of steroids, that's what they do to me. Haha.

Do not forget to buy a dose for the legs haha

hahah buy them with full power