Better Than A Tattoo

in funny •  6 months ago

When you want some art on yourself but don't want to commit to a tattoo

Gif from giphy

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Dude this is a good option to all Rugby players to show the alternative tattoo fashion in next World Championship at Japan!
I got enough RC to post again on STEEM Blockchain lol :D



rugby would be better with sumo wrestlers


Lol, I check my RC anytime I make a comment.

When you want to risk without compromises there are temporary tattoos in case you regret that bad decision or possibly the design

but the price is the same as for a real tattoo :D


maybe you can get it over your pubes

Lol but everyone needs to have that cool S everyone used to draw in school



haha so true
we use to draw that too for some reason

that guy is the Davinci of cutting hair

I'm voting that barber as a Steem witness.


downvotes would be great when it comes to witnesses

How do you keep coming up with these

Wow its really amazing