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I think same thing happens when someone ask SP Delegation from your @trafalgar account, isn't it? lol :D



sry me have no understand

You said donation??
Just back away slowly and..... RUNNNNNNN


holy shit no wonder it beat the hare


the story becomes truth..


that was unexpected

When someone asks to participate in charity.

  • Could you donate some money?
    -Do not worry. I already put the class on facebook.

needs to be a shared blocklist for all us cold hearted people out there

Lol, when I hear such questions, I have a strong thought, back away and faster, hahaha


haha when i realize i just entered a gay bar


Well, since you're in...

I'm listening



haha when mom calls me to ask how i am

traf, back away slowly, this is the only sensible thought at all times when I am asked for charity, LoL


when you realize your favorite hooker is not working at the brothel today


Pretend you just received a phone call


alzheimer probably

"not again" - put it all in steem

when Someone say sell the steem then my reaction is like that.


just fuse with the environment

I always do that with christian people lol

Lol. I always reply that I will definitely do it as soon as I get home.

hahah that reaction lol

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