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When you come out of the disabled toilets and notice there are people watching

gif from giphy

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This looks like a tedious process. You could just subtly tell the next person that you have erectile dysfunction, that's technically a disability


that's what i tell my wife but in reality i just can't get it up when she's around

Yeah dude somehow you might be a good actor lol :D



great for parking too

I was going to say this was a rough gif to watch as I sulked in sadness, but thankfully there was a happy ending. I was getting my credit card ready to make a donation to my local animal shelter.

This is how I used to skip lining up for the dole queue.


He's scratching his thing

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everyone must not be aware of this, but if everyone knew that the toilet would not work

it looks like your dog in the picture gif looks very sick

I just enjoy it every time the gif you display, is really very funny