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Feels good to be back again and everything going back to normal

Yeah dude, nothing can stop you now (Unless another HF lol :D)

Anyway Traffy, I wish they will not remove the current patch lol :D



oh fuck
no more hard forks please
they really have been forking this place up


Hahahahaha, no more again traf

Lol, that's when I told my friend that it's time to go back to work, haha


he looks like a smart guy with good ideas

LoL traf, my wife said the same thing when it happened :D


looks like she got new batteries

I was about ready to give my account some Viagra to get it going again


i heard there were some bricked accounts lol
this hf is a mess
i think it's been downhill since linear, which was a mistake

Yeah, im not going under that 90% line :D Stay efficient!


haha, every little bit counts

Haha it's a bright new world



not for the better
judging from the effects of the latest hf

Lol And it lasted all five days ...

Lol I'm tired of lying on the couch, finally the final

200w (1).gif