Ads Blast From The Past

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You think this ad could be run today anywhere?

sugar ad.jpg

Can you imagine that?!

Jenny was tired conforming with what was expected from her.
Spent like a candle, she needed something to relight her flame.
Why not do one more thing, heh?
Just add sugar & everything gets better.

They ware talking SUGAR - pure and simple.
Nowadays at leas they hide it in everything, from bread to yogurt.
Then and there they were advertising pure sugar.

The endorsement comes from a true authority: Sugar Information, Inc.

The "Note to Mothers" is priceless.

note to mothers.png

At least they were fighting a bigger evil: artificial sweeteners that were coming in strong from the chemical industry that was cutting into their pie.

In the years that were to come, the two (industries) became good half - sisters.
The same companies now produce soaps AND soups.
At least they do it in different factories (I hope) or through subsidiaries.

food inc.jpg

Take it with a grain of... whatever - that's 2012 data and some things might have shifted since.
The proof is in the pudding, right?

Wanna see Jenny 50 years later?
I bet you don't.
All that energy she's got from all that sugar did some wonders to her.

keep calm and consume on.png

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