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Literally. I just signed up today and probably made 90 Steem Power from clicking 75 up votes on the trending pages I liked. See you in a few days for my next up-vote sesh.

Cats out of the bag now and apparently that's all we have to do. Easier than working for the Department of Transportation and spin a "stop and slow" sign all day.

Obama must have created Steem - Now if you'll excuse me, I have a job I need to quit.

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Update us with your payout results when you can!

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

have you received the 90 steem power yet? or is that a joke? your wallet does show it

You are correct. I'll be getting it tomorrow.. at some point. I put a dollar figure on my quick tally and had it around $155 divided between steem power and steem backed dollars.

What I actually end up with, I dunno - still learning the ropes.. This stuff is just wild to me.

How'd you figure it out? I did a ton of smart voting last night on posts that are now on the front page and should get paid later today, but I'm not sure how I can calculate the $ i will be getting

Well therein shows my noobiness. I don't really know what I'm doing. I thought I would receive a portion of my curator votes. And I was able to pump up highly trending posts as much as $3. And I think it let me vote 75 times before I losing power. I read somewhere that the more you vote the more votes you can cast each day. I guess beginners get a decent amount and you need to keep up with it or it limits you. I'm sure there's a ton of algorithm that takes place to determine it more. Tomorrow I'll come back and probably have like 2 more steem power ha