Last night I had a dream, and unfortunately it involved me punching my mother in the face several times while falling off a cliff due to her bad driving

in funny •  3 years ago 

I don't know why she was driving the way she was. It was dark. There were cliffs. And of course at the bottom of these cliffs had to be water. My mother was not herself at all. Like a zombie. The car kept swerving from side to side and I was getting worried. My daughter was in a car seat in the back.

I'm thinkin' "If we go off this cliff I have to get her out before we are submerged."

I began to get really angry at my mom. And started yelling at her and trying to grab the wheel.
Nothing phased her and she just kept driving like an idiot.

All of the sudden the car veers off the road and we're going off the cliff. I was so mad at my mom - I looked at her, dead in eyes of her emotionless face, and began punching her as hard as I could. I'm lucky I didn't punch my wife in my sleep. Because I'm telling you, I was throwing down hard. And the moment I knew I got enough hits in, I jumped in the back seat to undo my daughters seat-belt. And just as we hit the water I woke up. And I was sad :(

Why would I punch my mom, in the face, and why was she driving like that?

I told a lady at work about it and she said that usually when water or drowning is involved in a dream you feel like your drowning in real life... I can't say I disagree.

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