So, it turns out I predicted the Trump Presidency...

in #funny4 years ago (edited)

In 2016 I directed a fake movie trailer for the final edition of Trailer Wars, a bi-monthly film festival in Bellingham, WA. The concept of this fake movie was that in the future, the most popular reality TV show is "Velocipede," a cross-continent bicycle race with NO RULES. Essentially, "Death Race" on bicycles in the classic Outrun style.

Recently while watching it out of nostalgia I was reminded that in the trailer I predicted the Presidency of DJT -- and also the ambitions of his daughter Ivanka revealed by the new book by Michael Wolff.

IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE A JOKE. But yeah, maybe it was actually a prophecy. Here's the video, so you can judge for yourself:

What do you think: is the world headed for a dystopian future where bicycle gladiators duke it out to entertain the enslaved masses? Or will the crypto-economy allow us to rise into a new era of technology, development, and advancement of the human experience?


We're headed for a fiery hellscape for sure.

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