OFFICER GLASSES: Official Movie Trailer

in #funny5 years ago

The plot: a bad-ass cop gets toxic blood-sewage thrown in his face and it burns his eyes out. He volunteers to undergo experimental surgery, getting bionic optical implants which give him the power to see the "price" of any crime he investigates.

Tagline: His name is Officer Glasses, and He Knows the Price of Crime!

Watch the official trailer below:

I should probably explain that this is not a real movie trailer. This video was a project that my friend Chris directed for Trailer Wars, a long-running film competition in Bellingham, WA, where filmmakers produce fake movie trailers for a particular genre of films and then gather all their friends to show them in a theater. I played the role of Officer Glasses for this trailer, and we filmed the whole thing in about 45 minutes.

Chris didn't tell me he was going to add another 30-40 seconds of music playing at the end of the trailer with a closeup of my face. THAT was one of the more awkward theater experiences of my life...

There is currently no full-length version in production, but maybe if enough people say it's a good idea (or if enough people say it's a terrible idea), Chris would agree to shoot a feature. What do you think, Steemers?


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I'm Officer Glasses, you sack of shit.

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