When They Distribute 10X RCs - TGA Comic

in funny •  6 months ago
First we forked (HF20) the blockchain to introduce new changes. One of the major change was Resource Credit (RC) system. Actually it was a good idea to keep this blockchain at Freemium (Free + Premium) level. But there are some issues at distribution of RCs. As a result they patched and set 10X times RCs.
By with that change, I think spammers got enough RCs to do as same as they did before the HF20. I think devs must deduct the RC distribution. Otherwise, we might not see any improvement of the blockchain after HF20.

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What do you think about 10X times RC distribution?
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Yeah nice post on rc.

I think they should just get the SMTs done so STEEM goes up and everybody is happy and even the spammers will be like I don’t have time for spam I gotta get steem! They are just being lame, they know it!


Bro I thought with that change we could see RC market as well!


great post as a good idea thanks for sharing.