One Year At STEEMIT - TGA Celebration

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Yesterday (27th of June) was the date that I joined STEEMIT and price of STEEM was at around $1.80 at that time. Therefore, now it's the time to celebrate my 1st year journey in STEEM blockchain.

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Old Memories

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I have joined STEEMIT with few good friends of mine. But the price of STEEM dropped and most of my friends left the platform. But I have decided to keep posting and commenting. Honestly I had no idea what will happen next and had no better plan for future. But I was survived. That's why I could get a chance to write my success story today.

What I am Looking For?

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Obviously, STEEM need a boost. Yeah, STEEM get good enough audience, but still lagging in price. Therefore, I think this crypto currency needs a powerful boost to join the "Top 10 in CoinMarketCap (CMC)". So, I am believing SMT is the only chance to get STEEM back to "Top 10 in CoinMarketCap (CMC).

Any Last Words Till Next Year Celebration?

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Yeah, I have faith on this amazing crypto currency and the project behind it. Social media platforms are the leading revenue generating platforms on Planet Earth. Therefore, the "Case Study" behind STEEM and it's blockchain is truly bless for all Social media lovers in this world. As a result of that, I wish to see STEEM will be rocketing to the moon in next year and we can have a better celebration in my next year journey on this wonderful platform.
Thank you very much for all who helped and helping me to build my dream on this wonderful platform.
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been a bumpy ride
hopefully it'll get better
but they really need to improve the economy and reward behavior they want to see and i don't see that happening in hf 20


Definitely it will get better! Hope SMT might change everything!


Faith and patience....lets hope for the best. Still stickinng to it.....and congratulation for steemit anniversary👍


Thank you for your great wishes!


WOw, congrats! let's keep working and interacting in the community, I trust the price of the steem will go up. I dont really have so much knowledge bout the cryptoworld, but i'm completelly sure tha Steemit is the Business platform for the future. There are 1 million of users around here, and a low % are active users. When people from other social media networks realize that Steemit pays you for every click you make, that's gonna be the boom for this platform in the world.
Wohoo! Happy steemit anniversary again!