Look how many celebrities messaged me!!

in #funny6 years ago

So I was playing with facebook apps and I got these hilarious messages from it. So many celebrities messaging me and I'm acting like the biggest douche of all time haha. I'm just going to out these here and see for yourself, i was laughing so much for these and hence why wanted to share this to my beloved steemit community

*His wedding is literally in 2 weeks haha

this one is very hilarious haha

I clearly know not to mess up with Simon haha

even silly apps know me i dont like this dude

who else hate pinapple on pizza like me lol

I guess she is calling me to launch another of her "Fenty"

And this one was the ultimate

So guys, do you all liked it? I will give you the app name in comments if you are interested to make these for urself. Takecare and thanks for visiting.


Oh man - I hate pineapple on pizza!!!
Why didn't you include my text in this group?
hehehehe - Bear Hugs!! x0x0x

lol what should i include about you hunn haha

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