Let us have a chat, will you join us??!!

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So I'm in my mom's house for summer vacation and I thought she would be with me. However, last month, she planned on going to her own summer trip to a temple and she told me only recently. I did not ask Mom to stay with me because it is not fair to do so. Mom left yesterday night and I'm alone in her house since then with my daughter. Brother will go to work and grand ma is with me helping in cooking. I'm already missing my Mom lol. She will return back on Wednesday which is good news for me. Otherwise, let her have her time for herself. Can't believe I'm 32 and still miss my mom like a little girl.

so, let us have some fun guys. and by fun I mean, let's talk. We #steemit people need some time for us to get to know to each other don't we? so please join https://discord.gg/FaAHMw and come to the voice channel in that. You will find so many people already talking and just join in.

WORLDWIDE #gratefulvibes-community VOICE CHAT
Tuesday 9 AM CST USA (papa bear time)
Tuesday 10 PM Philippines time

Inviting you all on behalf of @paradise-found

hoping to see you all, or listen to you all soon.

Thanks for visiting me. Love you

pic: pixabay.com


See you on the WORLD-WIDE #gratefulvibes community VOICE CHAT
Tuesday, May 1st
10 PM Philippines time
7:30 PM India time
9 AM CST USA (papa bear time)
Bear Hugs!! x0x0x

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