When You are on Diet & You can Only Look...

in funny •  6 months ago

Actually, this Cheese cake has no calories and this Trileche cake, although with milk, sugar,...etc.has no calories, so I got that I can snack them...


Conclusion: Mind is Dangerous weapon...


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Oh yummy
Enjoy your snacks
Healthy food for healthy mind


Yes, thanks...

But I am sure that they contain enough sugar! I can break my diet when it comes to Tiramisu or Cheese cake :P


Yes,...you are right...

Jajajaj, la torta tres leche de mi pais tiene muchas calorias y es muy rica, un rico postre de vez en cuando no hace mal, un poco de ejercicio ayuda a relajar la mente, un cariñoso abrazo @tatjanastan


un poco de ejercicio ayuda a relajar la mente, la mente es muy peligroso...

Diet control is better for human life. Thanks.