Practising to be prepared for the Dentist...

in funny •  6 months ago

When You prepare Yourself, mentally & physically for the Dentist and You are imagining worst scenarios, when You sit on Dentist Chair...

Gif Source: Tenor

Conclusion: Preparation is half finished business or work...


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Ha ha! this is like the picture from my mind. I am not sure what exactly makes us afraid of the dentists but when it happens its not funny at all.

But its always a good laugh at a later time :-)


Horror movie for me...

jajajajaja tan grande y miedoso,
la higiene bucal es importante asi se previenen muchas enfermedades, asi que debes relajarte y pensar que es por tu bien y el dentista trabajara rapidito jajajaja asi me decia mi mama


Si, Si, Si...

I hate injections and they are my real nightmare whenever I go to the dentist :(


The machine making zzzzz is even worse for me...

So much enjoying. Expressing very creative thinkable meme.Keep it up
Thank you

Really is very funny
I hate the dentist because I feel very bad


I hate it, too...

When you sit in the dentist's chair you feel that time passes so slowly, while the dentist tells you about your private life! The funniest thing is that you can't tell her anything because your mouth is numb :(


Ooh, yes and You look at the dentist with instruments...

Do not you happen that after leaving the dentist you feel that the teeth bother you more than before and you regret having gone? xD


Sometimes, Yes...

Me da terror ir al dentista, pero cuando salgo de allí, con mis dientes limpios, y arreglados me siento muy bien. Pienso que vale la pena sufrir un poquito, si los resultados son agradables.


Si, tienes derecho...

Haha funny and funny meme


Yes, funny indeed...

A great preparation is the first sign of a great success.

Rofl gif vd good conclusion.


This time, I didn't get it...