Learning the Steps from Folklore Dance...

in funny •  6 months ago

I keep learning the Steps and I'm wrong all the time. Ooh, You stupid head, learn, learn. Again, let me try...

Gif Source: Tenor

Conclusion: Try million times, so it will work...


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Dang! Even a dog dances better than me. Maybe I should hire the little guy as a dance instructor.


HaHaHa, You made me laugh...

Hello good day @tatjanastan
what beautiful and fun but has two left feet hahahaha
your puppy will learn with more practice, in the constancy is the success doggy still do not be discouraged


Yes, two left feet...

Asi es , que siga practicando hasta que aprenda, en la perseverancia esta esl exito jajaja, cariños y besos @tatjanastan


JaJaJa, Si, tienes derecho...



Hardwork always payoff.



How lovely. A miracle! It's so nice. Thank you!


Yea, very cute...

Beautiful dance. I like that. Your collection is awesome. @tatjanastan