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Fixing the Heart, Don't Worry...

in funny •  6 months ago

Ooh, my God !!! Pump, pump, pump,... and anyway I had to prepare better. Pump,....Oooh, You got up...What a Miracle...!


Conclusion: Always help, when person is in trouble...


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Hello @tatjanastan. Very funny those cats giving us message for solidarity. Helping others is a divine mandate that not all others and less in these days. However, it is essential to take actions that bring us closer and improve us as human beings. Your initiative is a good step to remember that being supportive is not just about supporting, it is also about acting and bringing benefits to the lives of others.


To remember that being supportive is not just about supporting, it is also about acting and bringing benefits to the lives of others....

Hello, @tatjanastan, this post will be called cats in trouble hahahahahaha
The message is very precise and important because we must provide support or help people who are close to us, I know there is a slogan that says: do good without looking to whom


Help each other is what we have...

Yeah,we must help each other in time of danger. The person who help people im time of danger,is loved and respect by all. We should always help each other. This is called huminity.


Yes, humanity...

Jajaja la mejor actuacion gatuna! Asi es tal vez no recibamos nada a cambio por ayudar sabes, pero queda la satisfaccion de que ahora esa persona esta bien! Saludos madam @tatjanastan :D


Si, me gusta como piensas, Gracias...

Nice conclusiion.

i think that is the purpose of human life.

Jajajaja, falto la respiracion boca a boca, un abrazo @tatjanastan.


Si, ayuda con boca a boca...

Although if something happened to the cat, he still had six lives lol XD it is best to help without expecting anything in return, those are the real actions that differentiate people


I know 9 minus 1 is 8, but maybe spent 2 more...

Very nice video. I like that. Help that. Thanks @tatjanastan


One person is helping one another in danger. Sometimes the man does not do it.Thank you...

hi doctor @tatjanastan...
nice thing to learn. thanks


Thanks for saying Doctor,....

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