A little bit of Massage...

in funny •  6 months ago

A little bit right, then a little bit left massage...Ooh, than again a little bit more massage...Oooh, Can You do it, all day...?

Gif Source: Tenor

Conclusion: Life sometimes can bring unpredictable massages...


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hi @tatjanastan. The benefits of massage are many, from relaxing the muscles to activating the bloodstream by increasing blood circulation. They relieve stress and muscle pain when there is an injury. However, you must use trained personnel to avoid future discomfort caused by malpractice. With the kitten is better. hahaha


I love massage...

Oh If darling do not stop make me forget this fatigue I have, but you're always tired, no matter shut up and continue massaging xD


This is Also, cure for fatigue...

Funny massaging.... Pls tell it to massage me all night. I need it


I would massage all night, too...

Que rico un masajito, en el cuello para relajarse de la computadora, jajajaja me encantan los masajes, cariños y besos @tatjanastan.


Los masajes son incredibles...

oh what a good massage, I love to de-stress and release physical tension put me in total relaxation


Massage is gorgeous...

How funny! It's a great idea "Message" Cool, Of course, love there.

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Thanks, You are very kind...