Bad Advice on How To Survive Without AC in Mexico

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The heat wave in Central Mexico right now is no joke! And to make matters worse, most homes and businesses here don't have air conditioning. It usually isn't needed thanks to the moderate temperatures.

In this video, we offer some bad advice on how to stay cool without air conditioning. Don't try this at home kids!

Watch the full video below:

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Until next time,
@sharingeverybite (Maddie)
@shenanigator (Jordan)
(and Laska the Siberian Husky)

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Greetings, Linda Tangerinetravels

I understand your situation. Here in Brazil, when it is hot, the temperature can reach more than 40 degrees. I don't know what it's like in Mexico, but here in some states, people melt in the street. Especially if they're under the sun.

What we do here in these hot times is to wear softer clothes. If you're home, open the windows, drink a lot of water.... This, if the person does not have air conditioning at home or at least, fan. Most environments have a fan to stay connected.

I appreciate the teachings in posting

Good afternoon!!!!


Without AC Can't Survive in Mexico . Very Hot Place


nice funny It's a lot better


I agree, Mexico is a very hot place. Nigeria too is very hot at times, we drink a lot of water, wear light clothes and make use of umbrellas while walking under the sun.

Haha .. interesting
It really is annoying .. then you say in yourself just do it
Thanks for sharing your experience‏..


Very amazing funny.
Thank you sir...

Hi @tangerinetravels. I have never been to Mexico and I can not know how hot it is. But here in Venezuela the temperature has been very hot, the sun is very hot and also the heat is very humid. Nothing that rains, and when it rains, it's just a rain that ends up making the heat more turbulent. The air conditioners do not cool, most of all at midday hours. There are states that are hotter than others. The Zulia for example has always been extremely hot. And the worst of all is that we have problems with the water supply in almost all of Venezuela. I went through a radiotherapy process not long ago, and the side effects affect me much more with these high temperatures. It's really maddening for me. Especially since my air conditioner no longer works, :(

So I can understand very well what they are talking about. There are times when not only causes me to throw water as the girl does in the video, but also I would like to take off my clothes and stay totally naked during the day, hahahahaha. Here there are no longer those ice creams that take away the heat.

I really enjoyed this video, guys! I know Mexico can be very very hot! But I dont like AC at all ´cause after I have many problems with eyes.. better use fan.. or cool ocean breeze is the best:)

I bake myself working in gardening every day so the only think I can do is protect my head

I hope I never have to!

nice funny thank you

A portable 6 feet freezer would be ideal in this situation, sleep inside of like Dracula sleeps in his coffin.

I think other girls warm their water slightly and mix in soothing botanicals to make the water all pleasant!

Lol coz when I was in Thailand for songkran water festival I don’t care how hot it is you never get used to being thrown with water that you can pull off any sexy kinda look!

Looks like you are well on course to smash your goals this month I think you might even get to 15k if you keep making hilarious content like this just don't burn yourself out to get there lol ;)


Hahaha thanks. We had a lot of fun making this one :)

Hi guys, I just start follow you before not so long time, but I totally love your videos! I love Mexico at all! And also tricks of dog are amazing ;) :D


Thanks for watching :) Laska is always the star of the show!

Drink lots of water and stay away from the sun would be my best advice, where I live we don't have crazy temperatures as it's kinda chilly right now. One tends to think that you guys being from Arizona(?) you guys are accustomed to high temperatures. Cuidense amigos.


We're accustomed to high temperatures but with AC. Every building and home there in Arizona has air conditioning, so you just go from one place with AC, drive there in your air-conditioned car, and go into the next place with AC. Haha.

another day more for you, my gringos hehe hehe, that bathroom is common for us Venezuelans, in carnival, we played with water bathing each other, and we enjoy it so much, so he reminded me that hehe heh, yesterday in his video ate without calories now all that rich ice cream with lots of calories you alwys have very sense of humor, and this is important... greetings

wow... Thank you for suggestion. In Rajasthan ( India ) (46*) Temp at this time. i will try this tricks from today onward. Btw amazing Video & You guys look like crazy that thing is very funny in this video. great Post. Thanks for sharing.

Hahahahaha Jordan, be nice. Hahaha

I spoke with someone today, who once lived in the Northern part of Nigeria. He said at a time like this, the sun is always unbearable there. He told me how people will put ice in a nylon, put it on their head and wear their cap on it. I gave him a "shocked" look. So, Maddie, you are well within normal hahahaha...except for the brain freeze. I crave for ice cream right now too. My favourite still remain "Cold Stone".

That Popsicle make sense, mere looking at it and i love the extra flavour it has.

Well done as always guys. You know how to always turn a seemingly touch situation around, and see the positive and fun aspect of it.


Hola @tangerinetravels
Me he muerto de la risa con el vídeo.
Soluciones..... Mucha como Agua bien Fría (jajajajajajja pensaba que la ibas a tomar tu y no Laska), Helados, Piscina, CERVEZA BIEN FRÍA (jijijiji)
Waooooo me encanto el parqueadero de las bicicletas.
La Piscina de la Casa Club me encanto.
Otra vez Agua al cuerpo. jajajajajaaja Tomas agua como Laska.
Me Gusto el letrero que dice "No es más feliz el que más tiene, sino el que come.....". Me imagino que HELADO....ijijijijiji
Saludos muchachos y a vivir la vida como debe ser.


Hi @reinaldor. Nothing better for the heat than a cold and smiling beer, hahahaha regards.

hola apenas comienzo a seguirlos, muy divertida sus ocurrencias para mantenerse frescos, aqui en cumana estado sucre venezuela, las temperaturas son 30 grado, estamos acostubrados a ese calor.

Hahaha what evil, they are so great, I do not laugh so much in the day as with you, watching your videos, we are waiting for you in South America

this is a funny video. its very hot there. greetings

hola como estas!!!
En Mexico a diferencia de otros paises en mejor situacion economica, el vivir y crecer sin aire acondicionado es un lujo del cual no puedes disponer a menos que seas de una clase media alta, pero los que vivimos en Mexico trabajando dia a dia nos acostumbramos a todo, y se puede vivir sin A/C cremelo.

por otro lado dejame decirte que esta muy bien e interesante tu publicacion, te deseo muy buena suerte y que tengas un excelente dia!!!

I am not going to comment on the "blowjobs....." =P

jajajaja very funny video I'm from Venezuela and here are the very hot cities and what we use is light clothes thanks for your good sense of humor hahaha @tangerinetravels67

Lol. Jordan: Your face at 6:35 is priceless.

Hi, @tangerineTravels. Very funny video. Seriously, though, there are plenty of people who don't have AC, and not just in Mexico. Here in the Boston area, where I live, even though New England has a reputation for bitter cold winters, the heat waves can be as brutal as in central Mexico. And if you need some humidity and your eyes are sensitive to the dry air of an air conditioned room, you need an alternative.

I have an idea. It's a commonplace bit of wisdom to "wear layers" if you are going outside on a cold winter's day. What's the opposite?

Anyway, I enjoyed your video. Keep on steeming (just a thought, maybe a "steem" bath is another alternative to beating the heat.

@tangerinetravels fan of yours. How do you guys even survive Mexico? Hahah JK. Subbed your YT channel!

When I lived in Nicaragua I survived a whole summer without hot water or AC, just drink a lot of beer.

From the People that brought you "THE REDNECK CHANNEL!" :)


While fighting with my cat:))

I got bad advice once.... long story short it's why I only have one testicle now instead of the normal 2.

I found that entertaining. Like a one woman wet t shirt contest.

Hii Linda,
Its worst in India as well... Temperature climbing 48 degrees and one of my twin daughter is upset as she cannot handle heat... just look in the image you will notice.. hahahahaIMG_20160913_195033121.jpg

Muy interesante tu informacion, me parece excelente, Gracias por compartir tu experiencia :)

Its amazing what's happening in Mexico. Here in maracaibo is a killing heat too...

I have never been to Mexico before but I know that the sun can't be that hot as it Is in africa

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I am from Pakistan and here temperature often approaches 50 degrees in summer. And there is also problem of electricity loadshadding so we often face problem of unavailibilty of AC. Then we survive the cruel hot days by taking bath from hand-pumps. Hand pumps pump the water from far beneath the crust of the earth so water coming from them is pretty cool and refreshing but nevertheless sun and heat overpower the coolness of water.E027AB2C-9BD8-4CAA-8D00-F2414DB56F02.jpeg

Thank for loving others.

Its always hot

Very interesting post thanks for sharing such valuable information. Here in Venezuela there are periods of very hot weather and we take precautions. It is good to know what to do in those hot times.

Omg... This is really nice.. I really enjoyed your post

Screw that noise. I can't stand being in Florida qithout air conditioning.
Why would I want to go to west Mexico and live in Satan's crockpot called Mexico?

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At least I can see lots of green things around. You should have been here in Chennai, India. I feel there are lots of hotter places in India as well.

bad advise indeed.
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I really like your post, so I resteem your post. and this will be a new passion for me. I hope you can support me to continue developing in the world of steemit

video is very cute and interesting, i like it.thank have shared

Three Friends Look Like Lol Ha ha ha


I would love to have some Mexican food right now... Following you! Ps: I post about South Africa if anybody interested :-)

Interesting topic, MANY THANKS are excellent that advice especially for children!

I always stop by here my friend, for your publications to learn from you and the way you do the post ... Thanks for such a good contribution, from #venezuela support your work my friend ... greetings <3

It seems that they are not having such a bad time in spite of everything, hahahaha. Outdoor baths, pool, ice cream beers, hahahaha. They have found different ways to pass the heat wave. In Venezuela, the temperature is also hot. I had to drink a lot of water to be hydrated.

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Hola chicos, nunca los había leído, pero hoy me hicieron el día! Por lo que puedo ver, son bastante divertidos, así que ya los sigo, a ver que ocurrencias nos traen después. Saludos y que sigan los éxitos.

One must be careful not to get dehydrated.
Water is the best.

So coolll

In New delhi India its around 48°C .....we are also melting in the capital of india.....but your post is so nice you

Am I the only nasty person who thinks this video is “pretty sexual” with all the wet tshirts and popsicles licking? Please tell me I’m not the only one sick here!
Plus I’d rather see Jordan doing the same as Maddies if it’s too much to ask🙊 love u guys❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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