Hold on to Him Girls - A Good Man Can Give Head

in funny •  6 months ago

You know he loves you when he'll do anything to help you get ahead in life

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Now, that's a keeper

Submitting for Comedy Open Mic Round 11 Entry1 and inviting @allseeingewe and @anibal-aa to come and have some fun in #comedyopenmic.

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this is how i have to help my wife every time we need to go up a flight of stairs


Well, they say marriage is give and take.

this is the kind of clean and endearing comedy that we need more of on Steemit :P

Not sure he's doing it right. Looks like he's only giving her the tip.


He's going easy on her.

It is a very original post, I liked the word game,
but I think the gif is absolutely wonderful


Thank you @omar14x, appreciate you stopping by.



Whoever thought of this is a genius, taking notes for my girls.

It gives new meaning to the expression, "A face full of ass"


Hmmm, I've never heard of that saying.

I believe it mutual . A good man should help get ahead while a good woman should be able to give a hand