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When Lambo? When Moon? When do I sell? Should I sell Y coin to buy X coin?

These are examples of some of the most annoying questions I hear in Cryptocurrency communities.

In this video, I present the 26 stupidest questions (with answers!).

I hope you enjoyed this video, which I created for the purposes of entertainment. And if for what ever reason you have asked any of these questions or been asked, I hope you are clear on what the answers are now!

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Thank you for watching!

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Hey ,
Thanks for sharing

awesome post.go ahead fnd

Just Stack Coins LOL

Haha I've seen all of these questions in the group, so frustrating just fills the group with garbage

Hi, Nice to meet you, wish you good luck and a Great Post God Bless you,...!!!

I thought the only dumb question was the question that is not asked... ;)
"When Lambo?" Lol. Yeah right.

Where is my SAVAGE CASH with my SAVAGE CAT? Love your youtube channel :)

Thanks suppo, can you please show the lady again?

lol "is this a scam" is probably the most annoying question of all of them, followed by "where to buy".

This is a good post, I really like it

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