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RE: ZERO BUSH REPORT: Elites Suggest Price Controls and using refugee's to 'Manage' Soaring Energy Costs'

in #funny2 years ago

I've been asking over on basyton the last couple weeks if anyone knows what's up when you try and post a picture a black box pops up and says invalid picture format but so far no one knows or no response when I ask. Do you have any idea? I posted a different picture other than a editorial cartoon and that posted but I can't figure out why I can't post up editorial cartoons without that box popping up.


Asking me about techy stuff , really is an exercise in futility ! lol

...saying that, I posted on bastyon yesterday (upvote upvote! lol)...and i inserted the jpegs into my post, simply with 'drag and drop' from my folder...(dunno if that helps - or not)

No such luck because I wouldn't know how to post up the jpegs from the folder. Is that taking the numbers from under the pics and inserting them manually? Two sites I post from won't work while another I get a few from does. Don't know what's up with all that.

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