A Smile as a charity; Facebook Meme Pages

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We all have liked at least a one meme page on Facebook

(of cause only if you are a Fb user :)). So... Have you ever wondered why people make such meme pages? They don't get paid for the content or for likes (like in Steemit). Then why?
And what I realized was all of that is just for fun, just to see a smile on your face and increase the number of followers or likes. There are even people who end up in spending their money for this purpose.

In order to check this out I gathered few colleagues of mine (test subjects xD) and gave them the idea of making a meme page, absolutely for no reason. They never asked "why?", "How?" or "What do we get?", instead just started creating memes and uploading. In this research another thing I've found was there were people who just wanted to us to make a meme for themselves using their photos or make memes about their friends. There were lot of such requests.


#02 Short girl.jpg

Profile Photo.png

At the end I'll add some more memes for you guys to enjoy :) :) ...

So after considering all of this I believe this meme culture is so weird, I mean... well, isn't it? (ha ha ha)

By the way this is my first real content created on Steemit, so why not go to the bottom and let me know what you think about Memes and me as well (@suhardasilva). If you found there's some value to my content or you just like it or you smiled please be kind enough to give me an upvote thank you.

#14 Friend Zone.jpg #10 Cockroach.jpg

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