And in the Meantime in a Parallel Universe..... [funny][memes][politics]

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- The HAIR Goes On

I saw this last night and could not stop laughing and re-staring at it.

Then it dawned on me that this picture must have come from another Parallel Universe and I laughed even harder....

Enjoy, and thanks to the artist for creating such a Gem!!

Full Steem Ahead!

Img Src
Pic 1

Although I could not find and credit the actual maker of this image, I linked the article where it came from. Thanks reddit user.


Really sir,it is so funny.
My some photowork for you

Over the months I've seen people memed Donald trump, I don't know his face seems to rhyme when experimented on, I think he should join an official meme movement, this is funny obviously the man on the right is a direct parody, this Is freaking funny.

@josediccus How these 2 actually lead world countries is simply baffling.

the both of them are absolute joke, a world body like Korea and U.S headed by these, I think the world can't be anymore ironical

Hahaha.Very funny

The picture really caught me. I do not like him. He made the world know the chaos
Thank tou @streetstyle for sharing

Thanks for sharing funny

Sir @streetstyle,

Really it is so funny. and i'm still laughing sir.
we can call it hair exchange 😜😜😜

I thought something smelled funny in the hAIR...heheheee hee hehehe

really you are so funny sir... ha ha ha

Just change the look both they're the same shit jajajajajajajajajaja, you made me laugh a lot man. Regards

Trump is better in black i mean more like a president so fun good way to start the morning

Sadly I think you are right @martha75 Trump does look better with Kim's hair ( and no not Kim Kardashian's hair although that would be funny too....) But it also looks Hitler-esque on him so that is scary. Maybe his hidden color.....

That's a great funny post.i appreciate your writing.
I supporte your funny post
Carry on your life
I follow you :-)

Haha. Thank you, you know how to laugh :))

Haha two rivals
Loved it
Couldn't stop laughing
Just look at them 2 brothers and their hairstyle could be one of the title to the pic😂

An excellent meme @streetstyle and great compare them, looking at this comparison, can laugh for a long time, hahaha

Thanks for sharing this funny post is very nice

that shit happened from here Lol

ohhhh my gosh that was trump and kim hair fusion.
your meme make me laugh out if control.

Oh yeah. Very funny, thanks for the high spirits. Ha ha.

Its realy funny


I also laughted into tears.
I appreciate to your post @streetstyle
Thanks for the post.

haahha this just got more better :D

Haha, this is a very ridiculous comparison and it seems to me that sometimes they are actually similar! Thank you @streetstyle

Thanks for sharing with us.

I like this your funny post

owo haw funny meme sir @strretstuyle
nice too see you
have a good day

twin brother lost and found two different state!

so funny post Lol

see them

Ha ha so funny post sir thanks for share

it seems they are step brothers.

hahahaha lolz 😂🤣😂🤣 can't stop laughing 😂🤣😂🤣.man who made this just nailed it😂🤣😂🤣

@streetstyle here is another one must watch

hahahaha this genius parallel universes

It's totally creative

Haha, what a joke !

ha ha ha.. picture of the year.
it's very funny. i like it.

This is hair style of the week,

They look fabulous. They have the best haircut in the world that brings them so much love!

How they look seriously and laugh

By using what this photo is edited?

the world is headed by crazy :) god be with us
thank you so much for the support!!

what a creativity!!! lol...

Hair style in change

Lolz it is in a way perfect for both of them hahahha

A change in a way ;)

Haha, such no job, but it's funny

Like familiar with these two people, but who?

Can you tell us where you get this funny picture?

Inviting many people to comment and laugh

How can you share this?
Doesn't it hurt them?

seen at a glance they are very similar

picture of two rulers in the world

Ho kajak bunoe ken @streetstyle trep2 sige deuh le

You all laugh with other's suffering

Great job, when funny and memes occurred in politic

Wow, very funny your post @streetstyle

Very nice your post

Good . Is verry verry

It's better not to post this photo

Verry good posted

So funny

Really very funny I could not stop laughing
The strongest men in the world

The picture really caught me.
This is unique to me, perhaps the exchange of roles between them changes America forward

Hahaha.. Great looking funny face.
I like it

Thank you

Thats really damn funny sir. I just can't stop laughing.😂😂 Gonna share it with all my friends 😂😂

all of your post make me laugh......great funny...

Bro @streetstyle
This is unique to me, perhaps the exchange of roles between them changes America forward

Face structure is quite similar but not twin .... how funny ....

Oh nooo,,, what a funny writing post...
really you make me fresher.. few minutes ago I have lost my mind with bad section but after seen your funny post my mind camebace with happiness. really i'm always try to visit your every single post and I support You.
thanks Sir @streetstyle, for your exceptional funny post.
i enjoyed more..
upvote +rsteem Done sir.

Hilarious and very funny, I just wonder what will happen when both men meets each other 😁😁😁😁😁

Wow the artist or editor is a gineous....looks like both are brothers......hahaha.....what a fun😃😃😃😃😃😆😆😆😆

Ha ha ha, many fun pictures.
keep it up

My laughing level out of control, this meme maker is savage. it was very funny, thanks for sharing

Wow very nice all funny post

hey,,streetstyle,Wow Very Exorcultant, I have been running a Donald Trump for a few months now.

Ini postingan yang sangat lucu bagi pembaca 👍

Heheheheh... good funny face.
I appreciate your funny post.
All the best....

So sad tonight, seeing this enough to make me happy

As soon as I saw the pictures of these two leaders, I laughed. Apparently in this world a lot of creative people.

Hahaha .... There are funny things done by people. Surely everyone who sees it will laugh.

Who did the photo. Like him is a great person in editing photographs.

ha ha ha funny

It's totally creative

Ubah saja keduanya, keduanya adalah jajajajajajajajajajaja yang sama, kamu membuatku tertawa lelaki.

Good nice post, sorry i am late

some time i got really very happy @steetstyle thanks

hey @streetstyle it was very funny really enjoy this post

hahahahahahaha you are so funny and thanks for make this hilarious meme,
check this one too....

most welcome man!!

2 people look the same. Only one person is laughing and one is crying,hahaha its very funny.

Ha ha ha really so funny..Thank you for sharing @streetstyle

Good . Is verry verry

Totally funny, almost no one crying by seeing this

Have a good job and your meme make me laugh out if control.

I think he should join an official meme movement, this is funny obviously the man on the right is a direct parody, this Is freaking funny.

hahaha I can not stop laughing, too funny, it's very good

Well, you can't unsee this after seeing it once... LOL. This means that parallel universes exist!

Wow, very funny your post @streetstyle

I can't pick between the too, they are so handsome! I need more time. Gorgeous two men smiling lol. Yes both of them are smiling.

Hahahahaha bereh that.
thanks. I liked your post.

Good posting, i like you 👍

Hilarious and very funny, I just wonder what will happen when both men meets each other 😁😁😁😁😁

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