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Talk about food for thought! Typically, memes annoy me; but, I always give the creator an attempt to make me 'lol', though usually only a rme-effect.

Interestingly, this one made me rme for a totally different reason; as, it speaks volumes about marching for what's important.

I will ignore the adjectives given the most recent POTUS candidates; for sake of saying, in light of all of the hate-crimes in the past few days, people need to FOCUS their attention on thingsthat served as blood-shed moments; those blood-soaked fibers that interweave the tapestry of this nation...things that have made us, as a melting pot, better for the worst of times.

I'm reminded of a soul singer from this woman's day...Marvin Gaye...who sang...war is not the answer...only love can conquer hate.

There are a whole lot of demon-possessed people, of all stripes as I think you put it, who are hell-bent on serving up a satanic recipe, with hate being the primary ingredient, followed by a heaping dose of emotional fuel.

Btw, if a person her age hasn't caught on to the fact that the US is built on a caste system; with green being the only 'race', then, smh,!


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