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Flagged for disagreement on rewards.

We also added some little flags to the comments of the bidbots that allow this sort of thing to happen.

I ain't got much, but at least I still got my crypto!

Hodling is fine. Just not from 20k xD


True ! ^^


It all depends at what price you bought your crypto


Your post is really worth a fortune. Way to go.♨️🚯💸

Keep up with good content buddy!

Watch how these kids doing things and making fun...

Kids making things seriously doing fun,

Your Coment is most funny, take your dog (Y)


Hahahahaha 😂😂😂

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Thats me right there !!! :(

thanks for suggestions

Thank you for making me open my blockfolio. It was a great day until now... ;)

that's literally me :D

Steem brother nice post nice coin trading pic and hold the all alt coin. All coin up coming soon

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It's worth the wait folks! HODL!

Hodl still beats trading !!! But Hodl the right coins. Do your Due Diligence!

I'm still hodling FIRM ENOUGH!!!

So true....

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Another person worthy of blacklisting IMHO

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