I know this was supposed to be humorous; but, I was mesmerized by the attire of Sitting Bull. I will have to research the royalty of wrapping the braids...quite exquisite...And, the stitching on the shirt cuffs look like something on a modern day sewing machine. I wonder if that was machine worked...1800s?...Interesting...

Native Americans have quite a rich culture/history. I can understand why Warren would want her rights to such...even if only a trace.

Best regards.


Was her almost 0 percentage from rape?
Hmm. Puzzling. :/

Most of the people who are being so nasty towards Elizabeth Warren would be delighted to have the same DNA results. They would brag about it to their friends and coworkers. But let trump tell them to treat someone like shit over it and suddenly those test results are a joke. Shameful

I don't get why folks think this is so funny. So much more funny shit out there. Like how we seperate kids at the border. HILARIOUS. I LOVE TRUMP! Pure entertainment...😒

Oh it's funny that what you bring up has Been going on...Call Obama for more details.

True... but why did they hate oboma then... (exactly why I made this statement.) 🙂 it gives me @sweetjoy to have you say this. 😘

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Aww. I'm in California so many friends been dealing with this issue for years.
Thanks for sharing. I kinda thought you were a Russian bot. Lol (just kidding)

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really? this is not funny at all

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LOL!! this post is mean, but really funny! haha

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