On Steemit, We Can ALL "Stop Being Poor"steemCreated with Sketch.

in funny •  last year

Look, it's what Steemit does to people who post valuable content!

EDIT: This pic is fake btw, the real T-Shirt said "stop being desperate", so don't worry she didn't REALLY wear a "Stop Being Poor" shirt, even Paris Hilton isn't that much of a snob lol

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I agree with you and all it takes is just a little effort each day. Now go out there and make some money.

Lol i dont know still pretty poor.


Same...We do need to post enough content other people enjoy first lol

LMAO ! I love Paris !

you are right, this platform as come to eradicate poverty especially in Africa and Nigeria my country, i just follow you please do follow me back while we work together.

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