I found a video of myself on YouTube with 20k views..

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So a couple years ago I worked for a start-up manufacturer selling projects to tile distributors. I was really trying to move sales for our biggest distributor, Floor &Decor, when I realised that a lot of other products on their website had install videos, I took it upon myself to up the appearance of our product by creating an install video of our own. I wrote the script, hired my cousin to film and edit, met with the team one day in SF and got the thing done.

I was hoping this to serve as a great tool for our distributors, and it had good reactions I thought when I started to share it on sales calls or at product knowledge meetings. The way things go, I ended up splitting with the company before I saw my efforts with the video hold much weight. To my surprise, it must have served as a great tool for many DIY customers at the retail level. I just looked up the video on YouTube, two years old now, to see that there are over 19,300 views!!! Haha! I guess it was of some use after all. Pretty cool and I guess I'm proud. Here is the video if you care to see what has got me "famous" now in the world of DIY home construction:


thats cool man! thanks for following me and i appreciate your upvotes! nice to meet you man.

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Yeah man thanks. Feel free to check out some crypto posts as well lemme know what ya think I'll be coming out with more content more frequently now too