The REAL Definition of Authentic Mexican Food Names

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Sure, they've got great names like "torta" and "quesadilla," but I'm sure you aren't aware of their (totally) historically accurate, but hardly ever spoken about definitions? Since many authentic Mexican dishes have Spanish names, its hard for people in the English-speaking world to understand exactly what they mean and what they're ordering at restaurant or street vendor.

Well, I'm here to help! Oh yeah, you know what I'm tacoing about.



Ain't nobody better poke fun at the almighty taco. No, no! Tacos are the basis of all authentic Mexican cuisine and authenticly perfect puns. Tacos are basically two things:

  1. The perfect vehicle for just about any ingredients.
  2. Tuesday's best friend.

Also, "taco cat" spelled backward is taco cat. That is all.


Accidentally left the tortilla on the stove too long, but we don't want to waste it. Let's put the taco toppings on it anyway. Crunch, crunch!

Screen Shot 2018-03-17 at 7.47.54 PM.png


What can we do with ALL of last night's leftovers? I bet we can fit it all in this GIANT flour tortilla.


Well, crap. This loaf of bread is too small to cut in slices, but it's almost too big for a personal sandwich. Ah, fuck it. Infant-sized sammie, who wants one?




We want a ton of sauce on these tacos, but that would be pretty messy. How 'bout we roll them all up and drown them in sauce? Genius!



Well darn, the tortilla press is broken. What are we going to do with all this masa? Let's throw it in these corn husks with the leftover meat.

Screen Shot 2018-03-17 at 7.55.16 PM.png



That fiesta last night, amiright amigo? What's the most greasy, hangover-curing thing we can throw together in under five minutes? Think cheese. Lots of cheese.


Aye, no! We left some tortillas on the stove too long again. Let's crush them up a bit and throw a bunch of sauce all over them. Heck, throw an egg on there, too. No one will notice!


Hope you've been sufficiently enlightened about what to expect when you order these common Mexican dishes. As anyone who's ever spent much time in the kitchen can tell you, cooking sometimes comes down to a little bit of luck, and a lotta bit of creativity. And although I don't know any of the origins of these delightful dishes, I imagine this is exactly how it all went down. ;)

What definition would you give your favorite food?

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Hahah, i really enjoyed reading this. Crazy enough, I didn't know all the dishes - shame on me.

Sending my regards from India, cheers!

I bet I couldn't name the top 10 dishes in India, so no worries there. :) Thanks for stopping by @sjennon! Hope you're doing well!

I am pretty sure I can't either as I've just been traveling here for a month! So far, I just know there are a lot of different dishes, combinations and varieties.

Doing quite well out here. I hope you had a lovely weekend.

Very funny! I'm starting to learn more about Mexican culture and this was great. I would love to visit Mexico at some point. Thanks for the laughs!

🙆 ★good post; 🙆