I LOVE my Chicken!

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The meme explains it ALL!

Last night was Friday night in Australia. It is a very special night for me. It's the night I have my cheat meal.

I eat super clean all week. My cheat meal is Barbecue Chicken from my local supermarket.

I wait all week for this cheat meal. My mouth begins to water just thinking about it during the day.

I normally finish work at 9pm but unfortunately I was asked to do some overtime and finished at 10.40pm and now its cheat time.

I run and jump into my car heading straight for the supermarket thinking that it was open until 11pm.

I pull into the carpark and run to the entrance but the doors won't open. I can't get in. It takes me a couple of seconds to realize that they are SHUT!

I was so SAD! I live in a small town and nothing else was open. I went home empty handed and had to have a protein drink instead.

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I feel your pain. We live in Cambodia and you can't get a good old BBQ chook like back home.
We do have some great BBQ chickens with amazing marinade. But it's not like the old Chicken from woolys..

In saying that, my wife arrives back from Aus in about 8 hours. And she's bringing Peri Peri sauce from Nando's.... So, I'm excited!

Wow. I haven't had Peri Peri chicken since I moved from Sydney 8 years ago. God it was good. Enjoy the Peri Peri.

Turns out she didn't get it.

Oh NOOO, I feel your pain. You might be lucky next time.

First time any of us have been back to Australia in 6 years 🤔 could be a while... 😢

It would be an expensive Peri Peri just to make a special trip. maybe 6 years will go quick for you. lol

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