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Must be some amazeballs farjer

I'm thankful for a lifetime of gig work and hopelessness:D But I admit to having a good attitude!


Are any coins worth mining right now?


I don’t know anything about crypto. Or mining.


Short answer: Crypto is for people that already have big cash.

Long answer. Government controls crypto because they own most parts of the pool, crypto will not replace fiat unless the government wants that.

To me its just a fun currency and a way to get some passive money and small shekels for my articles, nothing more.

There is no community on Steem, nobody gives a **** because its a gigantic circle **** of politically correct people those general lone purpose is to make money.

Better invest your time in traditional work that requires a certain set of skills which you can sell or service online which will not be replaced in the near future by AI (If civilization ever reaches that point because resources are scarce now and the general decline should be obvious to everyone.)


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