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An no', me be gwan pun dem delivery as though meh steppin' pun ya now, live an' DIRECT to YOU, strong 'n direct from Jamaica mon! 🇯🇲


These shoes are comfy and professional; if your work environment obligated maximum movement, carry on an' STEP up 'pun dem shoes mon!


Me be'en all well busy yo - 'pun de bar, pun de girly gurls, makin' moves an' steppin' correkt, doncha know...

Live AND Direkt from Jamaica, 'nuff intended spellin' errors mon.

One last one, pun dem' POWERFUL footwear, because it's January, an DAT'S what time it is:


Powerful treads gwayn' PUN maximum delivery straight 'pun de powerful reader, whom be'en maximum YOU, an' straight away comen cross wit de maximum attention 'pun de blog, across from yo eyes, right now, doncha know.

An we gwon gonna come wit ultimate respect an' delivery wit de one like Immortal Technique, as me sign off, with meh best wishes to YOU, to carry on with de witnessing of your OWN life:


I love you all.

@scan0017 😘


Looks Great!!! You are awesome shoes. My friend @scan0017 resteem and upvoteDQmdFrxBBT1R2CaAWR3AhX4mrv68Jdr6bUVCnMv9QPGr1tZ.gifDQmPvziZjvqGVmWF87b7gtwyebBQx7gThMdiDN8BRSVHfsS_1680x8400.png

Wow....delightful shoe collection. Its gives us handsome look. Cool inside and attractive outside here.
Awesome video entire.

Up-Voted & Re-Steemed.

Nice post. Upvoted and restemed sir

Nice shoes. Cool :)
Resteemed and Upvote @scan0017

@scan0017, Pretty simply can use cool interface indeed.
Handy casual shoe.
Upvote/ Resteem.

Wow, excellent post, reestem

Thanks sir
Very nice post. Restemeed and upvote

Black and flourish green combined pair of shoes. Catchy Colors. I would have to say about the video #eyesinthesky one of my favourite song. I Used to hear almost all the times while traveling.

haha you feelin alright today ill chime in with a joke... guy on holidays in jamaica walks into the toiletsand notice the guy next to him had a tatto on his dick with the leters W-Y he says i think we have the same tattoo when yours gets angry dose it spell out your wifes name W-E-N-D-Y ... no he replies mines spells W-E-L-C-O-M-E T-O J-A-M-A-I-C-A H-A-V-E A N-I-C-E D-A-Y

They look very comfortable resteemed and upvote

Woohoo...Top classy simply designed shoe model. But Its too powerful.
Gorgeous shoes. We all love to you sir..
Upvote and resteem.

waoo very good publication I like this type of shoes for being elegant and comfortable, either to perform some sport as well as for another ocassion, are very beautiful your shoes!

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@scan0017 Magnificent shoes, beautiful and comfortable, ideal for work and for a walk. Upvote / Resteem

@scan0017. let me tell you that in my work I have to be constantly walking to solve the problems of other people. I think you should give me a pair of shoes of these hahahaha. They look very well brushed. Upvote and resteem.

@scan0017 sir....
Actualy I'm realy interesting this sport shoe....I'm good runner in my school...
Wonderful and execellent work sir...
Upvoted and resteemed...

Very nice shoes and they look extremely comfortable. excellent work continues like this brother.
@scan0017 Up-Voted & Re-Steemed.

They look like one of my shoes, but pink. They are very comfortable ..

Nice shoes , we love you too @scan0017

This is the secret of the success of Jamaican sprinter Yuseen Bolt
He owns such a shoe

This are probably the more confortable ones in your collection i like memory foam too :)

They are very comfortable and light shoes. Ideal to go for a walk or go shopping.
upvoted and resteemed!!!

It is a light shoe, worn by women a lot
I also had and always wore it when I wanted to go out nearby
Thank you for adding it to good shoes

Looks high quality brighten black great
Back to black

another gorgeous one this looks more elegant than the others

Wow, excellent post, I like that kind of shoes and not only to do sports, but also to go out

Cute shoes, ideal for a good ride! I love sports shoes, I want some like that!

Very interesting shoes ! I have never seen shoes like this. They look very comfortable

amazing keep it up

This shoe looks pretty comfortable.I'd love to get one, but here are hard to find.Where so you find the shoes..

Today I published a shoe similar to my favorite shoe, which is comfortable and sporty at the same time.
Thanks for sharing with us the exciting, wonderful and elegant kinds of Sundays.
The idea of ​​choosing this kind of advice is amazing and entertaining.
I wish you a successful weekend

I’ve never heard of or seen these shoes before! They look like those “yeezy’s” Kanye West was selling but better! I can only imagine how comfortable they are!

Amazing shoes.

Much obliged for sharing it

That's very good, a really cool video and very unique shoes. Thanks for sharing

this one is really wonderful i love your shots

mmm this shoes is very nice , its black :D

What a cool shoe...hope to have that....heheheheh

@ scan0017 that shoes so comfortable and very fresh and also practical. Your shoes are beautiful

upvote y resteem

You have a very varied collection of shoes, and they really attract a lot of attention.
I like them too.
And really, you're doing a very good job, I support you. We are growing together.

Upvoted and resteemed!

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