I finally made something useful for once!

in #funny3 years ago

It's a buttplug for my @deadspace blow up doll Air plug for my air mattress. 3 of them actually! So recently I was going through my dolls camping stuff, and was surveying what I need for camping at the end of the month.
The good news... I have plenty of air mattresses
The bad news... none of them can hold air

They were literally all missing their plugs. What good is an "air mattress" if you can't keep her it inflated??
Initially I looked online to see how much they were going to be to replace... at $5-15 shipped. TIMES 3... I couldn't justify ordering them... and then have them possibly not work.


Luckily, I have my handy dandy 3d printer. One quick search on thingiverse.com led me to this very link and HUZZAH.

After a relatively quick test print, I was able to verify it threaded properly, and was in solid condition. With this model I set the supports at 70 degrees so it didn't gum up the threads, but still supported the cross section for making the 1 way valve.

Unfortunately, you can't really just print a 1 way valve so I took of my nerd hat, and...

Put on my macgyver hat!

With some...

  • Insulation tape
    -A Business Card
  • Thermostat wire

.... I was able to make a very cheap, nearly free, working 1 way valve to add to my very cheap, nearly free 3d printed plug for my SDCC exclusive @deadspace all chrome variant blow up doll air mattress.

Isn't technology great!?


Ha. You're gonna need to up that plug's size about 2-3 times. The blow up doll is 100 percent accurate to my anal proportions.

Also, you need to step up your game if you're only humping the chrome variant. We've already put out the ruby and gold versions, baby. Just go ahead and send me 100 Steem and I'll have one shipped out to you in a few years. Then you can flaunt all dat sexual status, nibba.

protip just keep the plugs that come with mattress and then you dont have to 3d print new ones! its easier that way :)

I blame my father lol

Okay, I'll admit it. I came here because I saw "butt plug". And well, it's me.

Awesome print and seriously brilliant use!

I miss our 3D printer. :(
What kind do you have?!

Lol. Excellent my weird intro worked haha.

Its a monoprice select mini v2

Dude all these things you are printing.... seems like your gonna show off the new lambo you printed soon hahahahaha... really makes me want to get one of these now

soooooo….can this still be used as a butt plug @saywha???

askin for a friend....

*clicks buy now..........

he's got buyers!!!! make,test, and sell more!!! I need used mattress caps/shitter corks!!!

Tested for #science. Can confirm

I know I know...it's the only way you can finish...I saw the video...

our ascend kayak sexdoll could use a plug like this!

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