You could really go to jail for that

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Forgive me for my absence. Once again, I have been ill. In fact I had a migraine that lasted for 30 hours. It started on Monday, and yesterday I had no choice other than to pay another visit to the ER.

There is a lot of stress around. My poor health is a fraction of the situation. My very pregnant daughter has been experiencing hypertension over the last several weeks. Her blood pressure is still quite high, despite her being put on medication to help bring the BP down.

Anyhoo I wanted to check into Steemit, which I have not done much of lately. I absolutely get a kick out of prank callers. I did a lot of that while I was in my early teens.

You can't get away with prank calling nearly as much nowadays with caller ID around. Not to mention, you can easily be traced. That being said I hope my teens aren't joining in. I highly doubt it. I hope not.

It's risky enough to make prank calls to anyone. Though who can possibly have the guts to prank call a police station?


Someone did. Listen and laugh.

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Hope everyone's health turns around, stopping by to support #thealliance.


nothing beats a good giggle :)


So glad you enjoyed it!


me too. lol :)

I'm sorry to hear about your daughter man. Hypertension in pregnancy is quite common and I hope that her blood pressure will become manageable for the upcoming trimester. Welcome back and good to hear from you.


Thank you. No she is 35 weeks pregnant with twins. Induction date is on the 5th. We are all on edge.

Good post, I love your posts, a greeting from part of @ joserc.vzla


Thanks so much!

That's freakin wonderful ! Something I would probably do lmao


I dare you hahaha!!!

That was freakin hilarious!


I'm glad you liked it!


Hahaha. Aren't these great?

Hope u get well soon. Looking forward to your postings.