the swearing parrot video is hilarious

in funny •  2 years ago

I'm sick. I have a fever of 102F and bronchitis. When you are ill on top of being chronically ill, it makes you downright miserable. I am feeling like hell. I haven't gotten out of bed. Then a friend of mine shared something hilarious. A YouTube video of a swearing parrot.


When you are sick or feeling down, laughter helps. I'm about to share the video. I hope it makes you laugh. It took my mind off of how lousy I'm feeling for a few minutes. Enjoy.

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Great video, Sorry to hear you're sick. Get well and keep stackin


Thanks and glad you liked it.

I just got over bronchitis. It was awful. That video is too funny! I'm just glad I didn't get pneumonia. Take care of yourself. I discovered you from the Steemit Superstars Facebook group. I'm now following you. You can check me out @legosnjoysticks. Good luck and get better!


I've had pneumonia before and it's beyond awful. I'm sorry you were sick too. Glad you are better. Thanks for the comment and following back.


Your welcome!

What a perfect thing to brighten your day! Funny!


It was helpful! 👍

Too funny and hope you feel better.


Thank you 👍

LMAO the best medicine am I right?