If you've ever seen a dick pic

in funny •  last year

I am still very tired as this recovery is extremely slow. I have been spending my time either sleeping or while awake, on my phone.

Earlier this evening I discovered a gem. Whenever I have gotten offensive pics, such as dick pics in the past, I am angered. I admit there is a part of me that finds it utterly amusing.


That does not mean I want them. That's another reason I don't use a picture of myself for any of my profile pics. Not that I'm hot stuff, but that doesn't matter. I've even received those pics with a picture of my face anywhere.

Anyway I found a gem on Facebook. Here is the funniest parody about dick pics.

I'm still coughing and I laughed so hard I gave myself a coughing spell. But it was worth it. Check it out and enjoy.

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You crack me up!


I'm glad 😊


pretty funny!