How do you deal with an awful ear worm?

in funny •  last year

I am assuming you know what an ear worm is. A song that is stuck in your head. Sometimes you hear it somewhere, or it pops into your head out of no where. Either way, ear worms can be quite annoying. It's worse when you have a song that you hate stuck inside your noggin, that you can't remove.


Yesterday I was watching a program about North and South Korea, and the comparison. There hardly is any, but that is not the point. When the talk about South Korea was on, a snippet of Gangnam Style was played. That noise was created by South Korean's one time wonder hit pop star Psy. That song is annoying. Lucky me, I had it going on in my head over and over again. I expected a migraine to come on, but by some miracle it did not happen.

The ear worm found its way out later in the night thank Heavens. What do you do if you have an awful ear worm like that playing in your brain for days? I hope to never find out. At the risk of me passing that ear worm onto you, here is that God awful song I was talking about. I would normally say enjoy, but I am saying beware instead.

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Great post! #thealliance. Gave you a follow and an upvote!

good information. gave you upvote

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i just roll with them. Gives me rythm even if its a shitty song. Sooner or later it morphs into my theme music anyway. lol

No really, I have theme music. :)

Nom nom nomsss!